About Us

As a smart media partner,
we help brands create
impactful impressions online

What does it take to reach the right audience with the right interest at an optimum frequency? We ensure that brands create the correct impression online, be it a branding campaign to raise awareness or a performance campaign to drive conversions.

CORRECT MEDIA is the specialized digital media buying arm of Kreata Global – one of the most respected digital agencies with offices in GCC region since 2006 and a fully owned development center in India. Established in 2017, CORRECT MEDIA believes in media disruptions that ensure the message is communicated effectively to the right audience. Whether building brands, or driving sales, we help our clients get the most from the rapidly evolving digital media ecosystem.

At CORRECT MEDIA, our teams create effective connections between the message and the media, and between marketing objectives and campaign analytics. These connections are created regardless of screen size or media type—paid, earned, owned or user generated.

To be heard, we have to be smart, not loud. As a smart media buying partner, we present the right message for each media vehicle for maximum effectiveness. For consulting sessions ranging from media planning using the right tools and insights to buying media at the best rates, we have your back covered and we deliver results beyond just vanity metrics.