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Where is the column to measure user experience in digital advertising?
Posted on May 12th, 2017

There are million and one events happening around the world focused on Digital advertising and adtech but nothing stands out like DMEXCO. Held in Cologne on Sept 13 and 14, the event agenda and quality of participation is unparalleled by any other event.

DMEXCO agenda

We were following the announcements and tweets from the event closely and it didn’t fail to delight. What really stood out was the collective conscious effort by the ecosystem to make digital advertising transparent and build trust between the publisher and media buyer.

Top advertisers are carefully tracking their ever-increasing digital spend, making sure that every penny they spend goes toward a human impression. Trust and transparency got the most attention throughout sessions and press releases. Most vendors were focused on convincing how they have the best solutions to problems related to the BIG Ts (trust & transparency).

We saw Facebook committing on more ads to impactful footfalls to offline stores. We saw ad fraud being discussed and some great technologies to overcome this menace. My take- give these technologies few years and we will ad fraud disappear from the scene.

Collectively, we felt the industry is ready for a fresh approach that is smart and nimble enough to sustain next level of growth for the entire ecosystem. Any discussion on this topic will be meaningless unless we focus on the most important thing in the eco-system – THE USER.

Innovation and new technology needs to be put through the lens of your customer. Maybe we should look at how the user will see your ad with the new piece of amazing code? Maybe we should give more focus on how your third party trust and transparency software can also help the user’s page loading time instead of slowing it down. Maybe we can look at ways the elephants in the room – Google and Facebook can talk to each other more for analytics.

Footnote: Last time I checked, even 25% discrepancy in analytics numbers from Facebook to Google Analytics is normal. Will check again in 2018.

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Where is the column to measure user experience in digital advertising?