Fashion is ever-changing and evolving,
with new trends cropping up all the time. Modest Fashion is a niche segment and Modanisa.com is among the biggest online retailers catering to a global market from the brand’s base in Istanbul, Turkey.

Modanisa wanted to increase awareness and sales during busy Ramadan shopping season in the GCC market.


We needed to take Modanisa’s Modest Fashion line from trendy to trending. As an online retailer, the biggest challenge was creating awareness about Modanisa and becoming a trusted choice in the online modest fashion market.

Smart Idea:

What we wear is influenced by what we see. If our favourite influencers are wearing the latest style we know it’s a must have.

But we didn’t plan on utilising celebrity influencers, we wanted more relatable and authentic influencers. Which is why our strategy relied on using mid-tier influencers with a follower base between 30,000 – 150,000 fans – a segment that would work best for a Modest Fashion brand campaign.

We used an automated influencer-task management platform called Indahash. Using a comprehensive suite of tools and an elaborate dashboard, we could automate every stage of the campaign, while having full control over the tasks.

We selected 3 fashion influencers

  • jawaherrbrr
  • noor.alhajjaj
  • noor_hedaya

They were chosen because

  • They had unique styles
  • They were in line with the brand identity
  • They produced engaging and tasteful content
  • & had a good Engagement Rate

They all had to complete the same task of ordering an outfit from Modanisa and sharing their experience from start to finish with a video.

Their posts touched on the key highlights of shopping with Modanisa and using their mobile platform. They did this by showing how easy it was to select the clothes and then order them, using a special discount code – while enjoying the benefit of cash on delivery.

They even modelled the clothes, with content showing how happy they were with the end result.

The users who followed their content were even rewarded with a discount code for their purchases.

Smart Results:

Our influencers struck a chord amongst the fashion conscious, with over 35,000 interactions and a reach of over 300,000 which surpassed our expectations! The content generated had an Engagement Rate of over 12%!

This generated traffic and sales for the Modanisa website, scaling over 150 direct sales from the campaign in just 3 days!

Not only did we influence an entire region of social media shoppers, but we also made fashionable impressions in the process.