Wake up call for brands: You should start listening to your audience hearts!

Ever wondered how influencers have this unique skill to influence audience on Instagram, something brands lack or struggle with? It’s simple – influencers understand their audience. They make an effort to observe what their audience like and dislike. They know the trends, interests and many other details about their followers. Smart influencers make usage of their fan’s preferences to build their social media content and engage their audience.
One simple snap story or an Instagram story allows her to dig a treasure throve of insights; such as “where are you from and where do you live?”. A simple question can lead to hundred indicators she can use.

Brands, rejoice! Fortunately, Instagram’s new interactive sticker within Stories provides brands with an opportunity to poll their audience – in a simple way. Beyond just knowing your audience, smart brands can use it to engage with their audiences with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

Influencers have started using this feature in a big way but brands are yet to embrace it. I believe brands in the region can be better by listening to their audience minds, habits and hearts.

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