You Should Stop Using The ‘Boost Post’ Option On Facebook. NOW!

That easy to use ‘Boost Post’ below your Facebook post is a trap that many small and medium size page admins fall for. We believe if they knew how the ‘boost post’ feature works, they will never press that button.

During the early days, circa 2011, many page admins found Facebook’s ad platform to be complicated dashboard with way too many options for people who didn’t know the difference between an impression and a reach. This is when Facebook introduced an easy way to increase the interactivity with a smartly placed ‘Promote Post’ button. It was strategically placed right below the post, making it very appealing to a small business page owner, who was posting something he/she believed would be interesting to his audience. Beyond the button placement, they could now create a campaign without leaving their Facebook page. Easy Peasy! No. Not really.

Unfortunately, the option is also a great way to waste your money.Both Ad Manager & Power Editor provide many advanced features required for running ads with specific results, which is not available in a Boosted Post.

Let me explain the reasons.

1) OPTIMIZATION: If you are opting for boosted post, Facebook will always optimize the content for more ‘Post Engagements’ (will help in getting more likes,comments & shares).

Note: This was a link post used with boost post option. You can see that 126k engagements but only 203 link clicks. Please note that the objective here was to bring more visits to the site.

2.Restricted Marketing objectives

Facebook’s system optimizes and deliver results on each campaign based on the objective that you choose while setting up the campaign.

Beyond engagement as delivered with ‘boosted post’, Facebook has a lot of other marketing objectives like lead conversions,sales,brand awareness, generating more video views, and more. You are not spending your budget wisely if you are using ‘boost post’ for other objectives except post engagement.
Let us list out some of the other objectives as below:

Video Views:The campaigns with video views objective will help you to generate more views for your video.

Traffic (earlier referred to as Clicks-To-Website):This objective will help you to gain more visits/traffic to your website or landing page.

Conversions (i.e. Lead Ads):Campaigns with conversion objectives to capture lead data (e.g. Name, Phone No, emails) from users through the lead form within Facebook.

Brand Awareness:Campaigns with brand awareness objective is another way for advertisers to show their ads to people who are more likely to pay attention or we can say more likely to recall them.

All these objectives are more relevant than the vanity likes and comments on a Boosted Post. When page admins choose the boost post option, none of these marketing objectives are available for them.

3.CREATIVE & BIDDING: When you boost a post from your page you own,the targeting options are limited(when compared to do it from ad manager or Power Editor) as you are unable to test multiple creatives & bidding types.

Boosted posts are just generating vanity metrics which will never help or fulfill your business objectives. If you are running boosted posts often, it is time to stop this habit & change your Facebook advertising strategy to an advanced level using either ad manager or Power Editor.

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