Hala Mobile! Our Three Takeaways from #MMAF2017 Dubai

Thanks to a media partner who is one of the active members of Mobile Marketing Association global and locally, we were invited to attend #MMAF2017 Dubai at Westin Mina Seyahi today. The capacity crowd and the enthusiasm at the venue pointed at one thing: MOBILE-centric marketing, though considered the way forward, still needs more demystifying and some hand holding to become mainstream in the region.

Many buyers still take mobile as just an additional device to reach audience, while it has moved on to become far smarter than desktops – punching above its weight.

We had three key takeaways from the event:

MATT: Accurate measurement is still a fantasy in mobile marketing and MMA is on it. Their initiative, MATT (Mobile Attribution Think Thank) is a great initiative towards measurement and attribution challenges.You can read more about MATT here

Data, Data, Data: Clearly, mobile deserves to shine in any media plan given the sheer value of audience data residing in it. Some interesting questions came out around data: Who owns the data? If an agency is handling two brands targeting similar audience profiles and runs a data management platform, can a brand’s data be used to benefit the other brand?

Personalization in an AI and IoT environment was another interesting topic around Data: What is an acceptable level of privacy intrusion in AI and IoT world? If one user regularly buys a bottle of milk every three days along with a pack of cigarette using a grocery shopping app, should the app prompt him to buy his ‘cigarettes’ also when he orders just milk using the app?

Going anti-Facebook and anti-Google: there were strong vibes in the room against the duopoly of Facebook and Google. The industry is ready to break away from the grip of these two giants who have created a walled garden of data. Their refusal to talk to each other is slowing down the adtech industry growth, remarked a network representative at the event.